Product(s) affected: Quad Connect Stove, all variants Defect: internal fitting intermittently unsatisfactorily tightened at source Risk: potential diversion of gas flow causing fire hazard Solution: all Quad Connect Stoves bearing serial number PH201707***** and SH201707***** to be collected by producer (RidgeMonkey). Replacement to be issued by producer.

NOTE: all Quad Connect Stoves manufactured to this point bear a serial code starting PH201707 or SH201707. If you have purchased a Quad Connect Stove, it is essential that you stop using the product immediately and contact RidgeMonkey Head Office using the dedicated stoverecall@ridgemonkey.co.uk email address for further assistance.

Following a full investigation of reported issues with the Quad Connect Stove, it has been confirmed that an intermittent human error in the manufacturing process has caused a small number of Quad Connect Stoves to perform in an unsafe manner. While the percentage of affected units is currently very small, we do not wish to take any risks and as a result we are voluntarily issuing a full product recall notice on all variants manufactured to this point.

If you have purchased a Quad Connect Stove Primary Head, Secondary Head or Full Kit, it is essential that you stop using the product immediately and contact RidgeMonkey Head Office on stoverecall@ridgemonkey.co.uk for further assistance.

£20,000 Carp Talk/Mainline Baits Carp Angler of the Year contenders revealed
Three RidgeMonkey sponsored pros in the final 8!!

Issue 1161 of Carp Talk saw the finalists for the 2016/2017 Mainline Baits Carp Angler of the Year Award revealed, and we’re pleased to say that three RidgeMonkey Pros have made the final eight!!

First up is Dave Levy who managed no fewer than six 40lb+ mirrors and a 51lb 10oz grass carp from Horton Church Lake, fishing a total of just 29 nights in between family and work commitments. Amongst plenty of other fish in the 30lb+ bracket, Dave also stalked what is regarded by many as the jewel in the crown just three feet from the edge: the historical Woodcarving at 37lb+. Once he’d finished up on Horton, Dave then enjoyed a November week at Lac de Lesmont in France, landing a trio of forties in freezing conditions and following up with a cracking 27lb+ January common live for the cameras at Bayeswater fishery in Essex.

Affable Essex roofer Greg Ellis also had a prolific season on the Horton complex, landing a 43lb+ mirror from the Church Lake in March before moving onto Kingsmead 1. Numerous 30s and 40s followed, topped by the Scarred Mirror at 47lb and a crazy one hour spell in mid-December that saw Greg land fish of 21lb, 35lb 6oz and 45lb 12oz. Moving onto pastures new in April means that Greg has just one more month to land the lake’s star prize, a mirror known as Starrys that is comfortably over the 50lb barrier. Can the current K1 top rod do it? Only time will tell …

Tim Childs is also in the mix, having had a barnstormer of a season on a very tricky northern gravel pit. Despite being based further “oop North” than most, the RidgeMonkey Pro has had an incredibly consistent year banking plenty of carp to upper thirties from a variety of venues along with making a number of trips to Cuttle Mill in the West Midlands where he’s banked some great fish to nearly 30lb.


The competition will come to a close at the start of March with the top three anglers to be announced in Carp Talk before being awarded with their prizes at the Carpin ‘On Show at Five Lakes, Essex on Sunday 12th March. We’ll be there with the RidgeMonkey exhibition stand, make sure to drop by and say hello!!