Product(s) affected: Quad Connect Stove, all variants Defect: internal fitting intermittently unsatisfactorily tightened at source Risk: potential diversion of gas flow causing fire hazard Solution: all Quad Connect Stoves bearing serial number PH201707***** and SH201707***** to be collected by producer (RidgeMonkey). Replacement to be issued by producer.

NOTE: all Quad Connect Stoves manufactured to this point bear a serial code starting PH201707 or SH201707. If you have purchased a Quad Connect Stove, it is essential that you stop using the product immediately and contact RidgeMonkey Head Office using the dedicated stoverecall@ridgemonkey.co.uk email address for further assistance.

Following a full investigation of reported issues with the Quad Connect Stove, it has been confirmed that an intermittent human error in the manufacturing process has caused a small number of Quad Connect Stoves to perform in an unsafe manner. While the percentage of affected units is currently very small, we do not wish to take any risks and as a result we are voluntarily issuing a full product recall notice on all variants manufactured to this point.

If you have purchased a Quad Connect Stove Primary Head, Secondary Head or Full Kit, it is essential that you stop using the product immediately and contact RidgeMonkey Head Office on stoverecall@ridgemonkey.co.uk for further assistance.

Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine Tackle Awards results announced!!
RidgeMonkey scoop "Best Fishing Tech" and "Best Session Accessory" categories!!

We are pleased to announce that we've added another three gongs to the ever growing list of accolades, this time in the shape of two absolute landslides in the annual Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine Tackle Awards!! The highly acclaimed Vault Dual Voltage Powerpack has taken top spot in the "Best Fishing Tech" category while the Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster and Bivvy Lite Duo IR have landed first and second in the "Best Session Accessory" category with a whopping 61% of the total vote!!

Full results of all the categories can be found in the January issue of Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine which is available to buy now from all good newsagents or directly from www.shopatdhp.com

Massive thanks to everyone that took a few minutes to complete the poll, watch out for an ACF Tackle Awards themed giveaway on our Facebook page this weekend!!