Product(s) affected: Quad Connect Stove, all variants Defect: internal fitting intermittently unsatisfactorily tightened at source Risk: potential diversion of gas flow causing fire hazard Solution: all Quad Connect Stoves bearing serial number PH201707***** and SH201707***** to be collected by producer (RidgeMonkey). Replacement to be issued by producer.

NOTE: all Quad Connect Stoves manufactured to this point bear a serial code starting PH201707 or SH201707. If you have purchased a Quad Connect Stove, it is essential that you stop using the product immediately and contact RidgeMonkey Head Office using the dedicated stoverecall@ridgemonkey.co.uk email address for further assistance.

Following a full investigation of reported issues with the Quad Connect Stove, it has been confirmed that an intermittent human error in the manufacturing process has caused a small number of Quad Connect Stoves to perform in an unsafe manner. While the percentage of affected units is currently very small, we do not wish to take any risks and as a result we are voluntarily issuing a full product recall notice on all variants manufactured to this point.

If you have purchased a Quad Connect Stove Primary Head, Secondary Head or Full Kit, it is essential that you stop using the product immediately and contact RidgeMonkey Head Office on stoverecall@ridgemonkey.co.uk for further assistance.

Four new signings for the RidgeMonkey Germany Pro Team!!

Following discussions throughout the winter months we're excited to welcome four high profile anglers to the RidgeMonkey Germany Pro Team who will, between them, bring an absolute wealth of knowledge, experience and watercraft skills:

Bernhard Kilian:

Hailing from the Heidelberg region of Germany, 49 year old Bernhard has been fishing from the age of 8. With carp in excess of 63lb from both his home country and France as well, it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about the species. A Lac du Der Chantecoq regular, Bernhard loves to fish big waters for big carp and will be an integral part of our continental consortium.

Emir Caro:

A man that needs no introduction, former common carp world record holder Emir is, in his own words, “obsessed by carp fishing”. With an astounding FOUR different carp over 80lb to his name, 48 year old Emir started fishing for small barbel and chub before he started school and has been addicted to carp since catching a 30lb+ specimen on homemade boilies in 1990. The first angler in history to catch two (and later three) different 80lb+ carp, the Dynamite Baits sponsored rod is now targeting his fifth 80lb+ carp from Germany: one thing is for sure, we wouldn’t bet against it happening sooner rather than later!!

Igor Heidel:

A man of few words, Igor lets his results do the talking – this man catches everywhere he goes. 31 year old Igor has been fishing solely for carp for around 10 years, concentrating extensively in the area that he lives: North Rhine Westphalia. With fish to just under 40lb to his name, Igor has never fished abroad and his intricate knowledge of the waters of northern Germany will be a big asset to the development team.

Thomas Tschernich:

The owner of TT Baits, Thomas has been fishing since the age of 4. Now in his forties, he has amassed a photo album to be envious of: with nearly 50x 44lb+ carp from all over Europe and a personal best of close to 75lb, he rivals Emir for “getting about a bit” … The Forchheim angler has no particular plans for the near future, other than to “fish where the big fish swim” … We can’t argue with that!!