Product(s) affected: Quad Connect Stove, all variants Defect: internal fitting intermittently unsatisfactorily tightened at source Risk: potential diversion of gas flow causing fire hazard Solution: all Quad Connect Stoves bearing serial number PH201707***** and SH201707***** to be collected by producer (RidgeMonkey). Replacement to be issued by producer.

NOTE: all Quad Connect Stoves manufactured to this point bear a serial code starting PH201707 or SH201707. If you have purchased a Quad Connect Stove, it is essential that you stop using the product immediately and contact RidgeMonkey Head Office using the dedicated stoverecall@ridgemonkey.co.uk email address for further assistance.

Following a full investigation of reported issues with the Quad Connect Stove, it has been confirmed that an intermittent human error in the manufacturing process has caused a small number of Quad Connect Stoves to perform in an unsafe manner. While the percentage of affected units is currently very small, we do not wish to take any risks and as a result we are voluntarily issuing a full product recall notice on all variants manufactured to this point.

If you have purchased a Quad Connect Stove Primary Head, Secondary Head or Full Kit, it is essential that you stop using the product immediately and contact RidgeMonkey Head Office on stoverecall@ridgemonkey.co.uk for further assistance.

A week on Villedon for the gaffer and 5 close friends

"Following what can only be described as an ‘eventful’ show season, I was glad to be able to find time to get my own rods out and do a bit of dangling. With a week booked on Villedon for myself and 5 close friends, the trip couldn’t come quickly enough and soon we were boarding the EuroTunnel to do battle with unseen leviathans. Conditions for the week were set to be cold with highs of just 8 degrees, and with the temperature plunging down into sub-zero temperature overnight it was bobble hats & thermals all round! However, we weren’t going to let a bit of cold weather put a dampener on things and the draw for swims was held in high spirits.

Drawing peg 19, myself and Paul H were confident of a bit of action: upon our arrival into the swim, there were signs of carp activity from the word go. Three mirrors to 38lb by 9pm confirmed our suspicions, we were on them and they were hungry… 11pm came along and on the stroke of the hour, my right hand rod went into absolute meltdown as a big old lump made a mistake and tried it’s best to tow us to the other end of the lake. Following a tough battle, the big mirror was safely netted and it was immediately apparent that this was no tiddler… On the scales she went 53lb 10oz and it was time for a celebratory beer. Unfortunately this signalled the end of our action right the way through until Wednesday, as the carp headed down to the end of the lake and an area known as ‘Briggs Cabin’…

Jamie & John were in the swim to our right and bagged a 43lb mirror as the fish made their way through, but down in Briggs Cabin it was a totally different story – the carp had holed up right at the very end of the lake and Carl & Matt The Blank were taking full advantage: with 17 fish in the net by the halfway stage of the week their Action Stations, Collapsible Buckets and Bivvy Lite Duo IRs were coming in very handy indeed! The Dutch pair opposite us soon cottoned onto the action and followed the fish down the lake, which in turn did us a favour – the extra pressure soon pushed a few carp back out into the middle zone and once again we had a hectic two hour spell with a further six fish to 47lb as they moved through our water. The action slowed a little down in Briggs Cabin but the boys down there finished the week on an admirable 27 between them, 10 for myself & Paul H in peg 19 and Jamie & John next door managed to scrape one each – next time fellas, next time!!

The highlight of the week was possibly John (who just happens to be the Dad of our warehouse apprentice, Jake) using a boat for the very first time: Villedon is a very long pit and the only way to access swims is on the water. Life jacket donned, motor cranked full, John proceeded to wipe out all six of our lines in one fell swoop. There is video evidence of the hilarity, which may or may not find it’s way onto our YouTube channel – it depends on whether or not our media man can edit out all the swearing in between the bouts of belly laughs and guffaws!

With the week at Villedon done and dusted, the next social we have planned is at Lac de Premier in June … I can’t wait to have a good catch up with my old mate Keith Gladden over one or two of his weak beers ;-)

Gaffer Paul